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Maintaining operational reliability is a number one priority for all plant operators. Whether you are looking to extend your plant lifetime, increase availability or optimise energy consumption, LINDE PLANTSERV® can help you achieve your reliability targets.

Your LINDE PLANTSERV® team is dedicated to ensuring stable operations during the entire lifecycle of your plant. From our on-site troubleshooting to our remote services, we can help you keep downtime to a minimum and maintain your operating asset in peak performance.

Maintenance & repairs, emergencies

In the event of unplanned downtime or an emergency, you need a fast, responsive partner to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our on-site and remote support teams are there when you need them – with the experience, diagnostic tools and maintenance expertise to restore your plant to full reliability and capacity.

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Linde PLANTSERV reliabilitry, Remote services. Linde worker with augmented reality glasses is using them on site.

Remote services

Time is money – and the clock starts ticking the very minute you run into operational issues. That is when you need instant insights – in real time – from a qualified, experienced support team. Our remote team reaches deep within your plant thanks to interactive augmented reality technology (LindeGO) to help you restore reliable operations.

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Revamps & modernisations

Over time, the operational reliability of your plant may be compromised and you may wish to address rapidly rising M&R costs or the greater effort involved in troubleshooting problems. We can return your plant to optimum reliability levels through customised modification services – delivered by our experienced technology team with a proven track record in execution excellence.

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Feasibility studies

Thinking about changing your feedstock or varying output products, debottlenecking capacity, extending your service life or optimising energy efficiency?  We can help you weigh up the various options with:

  • Detailed feasibility studies for modernisation or revamp projects
  • Detailed benchmarking of your investment against your reliability gains

Did you know?

With the LINDE PLANTSERV® portal, you can order spare parts, plan turnarounds, organise maintenance and repairs and monitor plant health – all from one easy-to-use application.

Asset health checks

You can only produce a competitive product if all of the underlying processes are running as reliably as possible. That’s where we come in. Analysis reports, improvement suggestions and best-practice guidelines based on continuous, real-time monitoring of your asset performance can help you detect deviations from stable operations at the earliest possible point and identify equipment due for maintenance.

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Linde PLANTSERV reliability, operational support, Linde employees walking at a plant

Operational support

Plant reliability is a key success factor in an increasingly competitive environment with rising compliance demands. We can help you maintain reliable operations with practical assistance from experienced specialists who will guide you smoothly through every stage in your plant lifecycle. 

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Get the parts you need to ensure reliable operations from our e-marketplace for spare parts management. LINDE PLANTSERV® portal gives you one-click access to plant and equipment documentation and to a trusted pool of suppliers. You will find everything you need – in one convenient place.

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