LindeGO remote service

Anytime, anywhere support for your plant

Immediate support via an online live session!

When industrial processes at a large plant come to a halt, solving the problem can stretch the expertise of in-house technicians. When that happens, you need immediate, expert support – ideally from the contractor who built your plant and knows it inside out. If your plant is in a remote location, however, it can take days for the right specialists to get to you. All of which means undesirable delays and loss of earnings. 

Not with LINDE PLANTSERV®! You can rely on us to get to you in a matter of seconds – thanks to the latest digital technologies. 

With our LindeGO smart glasses or smart app, you can immediately establish a live audio-visual link to one of our experts, who can then see your plant live from your perspective, and can talk you through the problem. Your on-site technician can immediately follow the information and instructions over the live audio-visual connection. 

Ruggedised solution

This ruggedised package is the ideal solution for complex or technically detailed discussions as augmented reality means our team can talk you through the problem in real time. The processor in the backpack ensures a stable Internet connection. Enhanced bandwidth gives you the same connectivity quality as you would enjoy during an office-based videoconference.

  • Ideal for harsh conditions and noisy environments
  • Supports hands-free operation
  • All-inclusive backpack with helmet, integrated smart glasses and microphone
  • PC-like platform with integrated, high-bandwidth videoconferencing application
  • Single-click dial-in to Munich/Pullach remote support room
  • Image pre-processing for excellent image quality
  • Any number of participants can join the conference

Linde PLANTSERV remote service, LindeGO equipment
Linde PLANTSERV remote service, LindeGO equipment worn by a dummie, front view

Lightweight solution

The lightweight, ultra-compact solution is ideal if you need mobility around the plant or ease of access to confined spaces. So, for instance, an industrial climber can use it to quickly navigate coldboxes. It enables the remote team to get an instant visual on the source of the problem – whether that be a ruptured pipe or a faulty valve.

  • Smart glasses with monocular display and an integrated software application to establish a conference
  • Any number of participants can be added to the conference
  • The smart glasses can be attached to the helmet for hands-free operation

Mobile app

Our LindeGO remote service is also available via an easy-to-use app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

  • Search for LindeGO in the App Store or Google Play, download the app and install it on your smartphone or tablet
  • Register for the app by requesting your login details via the app contact form or by sending an email to PLANTSERV@LINDE-LE.COM, stating your first and last name, email, user name and company
  • If you need support, send a request to your LINDE PLANTSERV® contact 
  • Your contact will liaise with the right expert(s) and align the timing with you
  • Simply dial into the video session at the agreed time and your Linde expert will provide live support, possibly also using your smartphone camera function to get a real-time view of your plant

The help you need – the way you need it

With LINDE PLANTSERV®, you can look forward to:

  • Fast track return to full operational reliability
  • Instant access to the bundled experience of Linde’s entire remote support team
  • No delays or unnecessary expenses for travel
  • Our experts see your plant “through the eyes” of your technicians
  • Fast, precise and easy-to-follow instructions
Linde PLANTSERV, performance and efficiency, Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna Germany

Let our virtual experts get inside your plant