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Here at LINDE PLANTSERV®, we understand that most plant operators are keen to increase plant uptime and maintain performance. At the same time, plant managers are under growing cost pressures and need to exploit efficiencies.

Whether you want to optimise process efficiency, extend your service life, relocate with minimal disruption or modernise your plant, we can help you maximise asset performance. See below for a quick overview of the various ways we can contribute to your efficiency goals.

Revamps & modernisations

Plant operators are often challenged to  overcome bottlenecks in their plants, optimise energy consumption, change feedstock or even extend service life. Often, these challenges can be easily met by revamping components or modernising control equipment. We have helped countless customers across a broad spectrum of industrial plants to optimise performance and efficiency through revamp projects.

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Linde PLANTSERV performance and efficiency, plant revamps and modernisations. Air Separation Plant Pearl GTL in Qatar, Construction site
Linde PLANTSERV, plant relocations. Delivery of world-largest cold box with 800 tonnes of weight with a ship. Jamnagar.

Plant relocations

Competitive pressures or changes to local market dynamics may make it more cost-effective for you to relocate a plant to a more favourable geography instead of investing in a new one. We offer a one-stop, end-to-end relocation service covering every step in your journey and ensuring the highest safety standards for all disassembly and reassembly work.  

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Remote services

Rapid access to qualified advice is essential if you experience a sudden outage or drop in asset performance. Regardless of where you are located, our remote support service gives you direct, instant access to our collective expertise. With our interactive augmented reality technology (LindeGO), we can reach deep within your plant and help you resolve the issue quickly and effectively to restore your plant to full performance.  

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Linde PLANTSERV performance and efficiency, Remote services, Linde worker with augmented reality glasses is using them on site
Linde PLANTSERV performance and efficiency, feasibility studies Two engineers in a plant

Feasibility studies

Before you invest in an asset optimisation project, you need to be sure that you are making an informed decision and that the outcome will match your expectations. We offer detailed feasibility studies to help you weigh up the various options and establish the best path forward. You can rely on us for:

  • Modification and revamp studies for projects of all sizes
  • Process concepts building on our synergised engineering and operations know-how
  • Operational improvement evaluations to quantify ROI 

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With the LINDE PLANTSERV® portal, you can order spare parts, plan turnarounds, organise maintenance and repairs and monitor plant health – all from one easy-to-use application.

Asset health checks

Faced with stiff competitive pressures, plant managers want to be sure that their facility is running at maximum performance for the longest time. Which calls for in-depth operational intelligence. We can put those insights at your fingertips in real time by using intelligent, networked technologies to track data streams and monitor the health of your plant remotely.

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Linde PLANTSERV performance and efficiency, asset health check Remote Operations Center (ROC) Leuna
Linde PLANTSERV performance and efficiency, Process and product optimization

Process & product optimisation

If changes in your feedstock or downstream product requirements present you with performance challenges, it might make sense to explore optimisation potential. Process and operation fine-tuning can also help reduce energy or operating costs and increase capacity. We can help every step of the way – from the initial idea through execution to start-up:

  • On-site and remote audits with root cause analysis
  • Equipment and lifetime forecasts (e.g. LIBAS® for heat exchangers)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Revamps and modernisations

Increase your performance and efficiency