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4,000 NCMH (3.6 MM SCFD) H2 plant in Australia

Hydro-Chem is a global leader in modular hydrogen plants, successfully bringing over 200 plants onstream since 1975.

Meeting the customer’s needs is our top priority. That’s why Hydro-Chem is offering customers a new line of standard-sized modular hydrogen plants – using steam-methane reforming – that reduce the time and cost of getting these plants onstream.

More choices.

With our new line of standard-sized, modular HYDROPRIME® plants, customers can pick the size that meets their needs. These highly efficient hydrogen generators come in seven capacity ranges:

  • HYDROPRIME® Mid 1, 1,300 NCMH
  • HYDROPRIME® Mid 2, 2,000 NCMH
  • HYDROPRIME® Mid 3, 3,000 NCMH
  • HYDROPRIME® Mid 6, 6,000 NCMH
  • HYDROPRIME® Mid 10, 10,000 NCMH
  • HYDROPRIME® Max, 28,000 NCMH

Standard HYDROPRIME® products can be scaled to meet any production rate within the respective range.

HYDROPRIME® Max reformer installation.

More performance, reliability and efficiency?

11,000 NCMH (10 MM SCFD) H2 plant in Alabama, USA

Big benefits.

Our standardized modular HYDROPRIME® plants offer important advantages over traditional supply modes (such as electrolytic plants, conventional steam methane plants, and truck-delivered bulk hydrogen).

Along with more choices in plant sizes, benefits are driven by standardization. By using a proven, standard design, Hydro-Chem offers more cost-effective options, with shorter lead times and greater reliability, readily available spare parts, and consistent documentation to streamline the customer’s scope of work.

Specific benefits include:

  • Modular, open-skid design enabling quicker delivery, streamlined installation (indoors or outdoors), and easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Ultra-high purity product (99.999+%)
  • Hydrogen produced at 200 psig (13.8 barg) or higher, reducing compression costs
  • Optimized plant design to reduce energy costs
  • Greater supply security with backup bulk systems
  • Fewer truck deliveries, reducing safety risks and lowering vehicle emissions
  • Full automation with fail-safe controls that allow unattended operation (including start-up, operation and monitoring)

11,000 NCMH (10 MM SCFD) H2 plant in Alabama, USA

Core strengths.

Customers also benefit from our unique skill set, ranging from conceptual design to fabrication and commissioning. As a one-stop provider with a network of employees and partners around the world, we can deliver unparalleled levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our core strengths include:

  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Fast delivery and installation times
  • High onstream reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Innovative reforming and PSA technologies for safe, reliable operations
  • Fast, automatic start-ups and shutdowns

Manufacturing facility.

We manufacture our modular plants at our Holly Springs facilities, near Atlanta, Georgia, providing timely and responsive technical service and after-sales customer support through our dedicated LINDE PLANTSERV® team. As an integral part of Linde Engineering, we have access to a global network of engineering, supply and construction resources. Backed by this international network, we can manufacture locally to meet country-specific requirements, reducing shipping costs and decreasing delivery time. Our skilled, professional technical support team ensures timely response to customers the world over.

Hydro-Chem facilities

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